Dance studio gets a piece of Mount Vernon history

MT. VERNON, IN (WFIE) - The old armory in Mount Vernon was torn down but a part of it is living on in an Evansville dance studio.

Heidi Garza Dance Studio is three years old but it has been operating out of a building on Plaza East Boulevard in Evansville for less than one year. The building is spacious but it has a cement floor.

The owner, Heidi Garza, says the floor is not ideal for dancing. One of her students, Marvin Byrer, spoke to Mount Vernon city officials.

They agreed to give him the wooden floor from the armory for free if he agreed to transport it to the dance studio.

Byrer, with the help of Garza and other friends from the dance studio, working together to get the job done.

"Everyone here is like a family," says Bryer. "We all love spending time here at the studio burning calories. When we knew that we were going to get this floor, we all just got excited and everybody wanted to help."

"I feel so blessed and I feel lucky," Garza says. "I feel honored to have Marvin as a student, as a friend, and because of him we found this floor."

Garza says she hopes to have the wooden floor installed in the studio before the end of the summer.

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