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Warrick County applies for blight elimination program


In Warrick County, crumbling roofs and moldy siding are forcing community members to take a stand.  The citizens of Boonville are targeting vacant homes and now they are seeking help through a federal program.

The program is called the Blight Elimination Program and it provides the county with federal dollars to help demolish the vacant homes.

Boonville Now, a nonprofit organization created to support the Boonville community, joined forces with the city of Boonville to help identify all of the problem properties. Sherrie Sievers, a Boonville Now board member, says they are making a list as a part of the application process. Currently, the list includes more than 50 properties that are eyesores in the community.

If Warrick County is chosen to be included in this federal program, the money will cover 90% of what it will cost to demolish all of these dilapidated homes. Sievers says is necessary but, she adds, only possible with the help of the entire community.

"It's about the people who love Boonville," says Sievers. "We want the pride of ownership back, we want our city back, and we want to be proud of where we live."

Sievers says, with the houses gone, the county will be able to rebuild and create either new homes or green spaces.

Warrick County's application is due on July 21st and the county hopes to know by August if it received the federal money.

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