Law enforcement team up for Active Shooter training

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Several law enforcement agencies in Henderson have been training at South Middle school all week. They're working out scenarios in the event of a school shooting.

They're training for the unimaginable, but not impossible.

Officers with the Henderson Police Department, Henderson County Sheriff, and Kentucky State police are all training together.

"We take it very seriously. The odds of a school shooting occurring in Henderson County is a nightmare, but it can happen," says Henderson public information officer, Jennifer Richmond.

Richmond, who has kids of her own, says it's important that everyone training is on the same page.

She adds, "we need to know that we are each trained exactly the same way."

They made it as real as possible  to make sure if something was to happen, they're prepared.

"We constantly have to be prepared, we have to prepare for changing trends," says Owensboro sergeant, J.D. Winkler.

Winkler says many of the officers have families of their own.

"We have kids that are in the schools, we have wives that are teachers, we have family members that are out here too. We're members of the community, its our obligation to be as prepared as we possibly can," adds Winkler.

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