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Some students at 7 schools in Richmond Metro retaking SOL test


NBC12 did some digging and discovered SOL testing issues are more widespread than previously thought.

Seven schools in the Richmond metro area must retake the SOLs due to irregularities.

We first told you about problems at Cosby High School in Chesterfield. Now, we've learned more students in Chesterfield, as well students in Henrico and Richmond are having to re-take SOLs.

While parents were notified about retaking the SOL test, some say this adds unnecessary stress.  More than two dozen students at Maybeury Elementary in Henrico had to retake it during the last week of school.

And Henrico is just the latest school system added to the growing list of SOL re-testing.

"It's like you're starting all over," said Julie Johnson, who takes care of a number of children after school. 

 Some people wonder if it's even necessary.

"They're thinking about summer and vacation and that sort of thing, so you wonder how effective it will be anyway," says Julie James, a mom.

The Virginia Department of Education says in Henrico and Chesterfield, the examiner allegedly did not follow regulations.

"Kids have enough going on just with dealing with their peers and their family lives and stuff, and to have to retake it adds more stress to them," said Johnson.

It's the school district's responsibility to report any irregularity.  The state decides if that school needs to retake the test. If that happens, the students are given a different form of the same SOL test.

In Richmond, a schools spokesperson says 32 students at two different schools are retaking the SOL.  The names of the schools have not yet been released.  In Chesterfield, a schools spokesperson says students at Meadowbrook, Spring Run and Marguerite F. Christian elementary had to retake the test earlier in the year.  130 Cosby High School students had to take it again just this week.  Fifth graders at Maybeury Elementary in Henrico also had to retake the SOL test this week.

The school districts are in charge of the investigation.

The Virginia Department of Education says up to 3,000 irregularities are reported each year, but not every report warrants a test being taken again.

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