Downtown Trolley plans almost finalized

In Owensboro, plans are in high gear to bring free trolley service to downtown Owensboro. Nona's Downtown Market Owner Maria Kelly says her Kentucky Proud Store can get busy on the weekends from foot traffic. "People are walking downtown. People are having lunch downtown and people are parking, finding a spot, and going throughout the whole Second Street area," said Kelly.

Nona's Downtown Market and other businesses are hoping foot traffic will increase even more when the city brings a new ride to downtown. The Owensboro Public Works Department is finalizing the route and stops for a trolley that will take passengers around downtown for free. Public Works Director Wayne Shelton says the trolley is a way to encourage people to use outlying parking lots near downtown. The city plans to make and install trolley pick up and drop off signs in the next few weeks once the route is finalized. Kelly says the trolley will benefit all downtown businesses and visitors.

"I think that it will be great for people that aren't familiar with the streets where they can be dropped off, picked up, and when you're with a group of people you can laugh and have a great time on the trolley," said Kelly.

The downtown trolley will start on July 1st and the plan so far is to have it run year-round.