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Cafe and Ice Cream Shop Opens in Mount Vernon


In Posey County a new senior housing apartment complex has a new resident.

The Landing, located on the river in Mount Vernon, is now home to Bliss Artisan, a café and ice cream shop. 

It opened its doors on Friday.

The owners, Mike and Angie Woodburn, sell breakfast and lunch items but their main attraction is homemade ice cream.

Mike has created more than 40 flavors but, he says, it took him awhile to perfect his recipes.

Mike and Angie began selling the ice cream at their New Harmony location more than one year ago and, now, they are bringing it to Mount Vernon. 

"One main reason was the view," says Mike. "Everything they have done on the riverfront. We love the things that are getting ready to happen along Main Street and we just wanted to be a part of it." 

Mike says they are already talking about opening up another store.

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