Mount Vernon Fire Chief on new police and fire station

MT. VERNON, IN (WFIE) - Progress is being made behind the scenes of the new police and fire station in Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Fire Chief Wes Dixon says 5 to 10 construction contracts are being considered.

Dixon says, "one of our main goals was to get our community involved and we wanted local contractors to do as much of the work as possible."

Dixon says the new building is a necessity because both departments need more space.

The new one, which will cost about $1.2 million, will be about three times the size.

"As far as the police, they are completely out of room for storage of records and things like that. The fire department," says Dixon. "We have been operating a much larger apparatus out of a very old building."

The old building was built in 1893 and, Dixon says, it is time for an upgrade.

"We'll actually be able to train, have our own training room which we haven't had since I've been on the department like 15 years so its going to be quite a long awaited adventure," says Dixon.

Dixon says construction should start here within the next few weeks.

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