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Evansville man conceals objects in buttocks during arrest

Source: Vanderburgh County Jail Source: Vanderburgh County Jail
An Evansville man is busted trying to smuggle drugs into jail.

According to a police report, while 43-year-old Tony Monks was being booked into jail, officials nnoticedhe was acting odd.

Officers say they asked Monks to undress because they say he's known to bring drugs into the jail.

Officers say it looked like he had drugs in his mouth and after a brief struggle, they recovered two small baggies that Monks had tried to swallow.

Officers say they also noticed that he had items stuck in between his buttocks. 

Officers removed the objects and due to Monks` non compliance he was tazed.

Officers charged him with possession of meth, marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

He is also facing a long list of other charges, including battery of a law enforcement officer.

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