Taking A Stand: Clean Air Act effect on KY Senate race

Taking A Stand: Clean Air Act effect on KY Senate race

(WFIE) - The US Senate Race between McConnell and Grimes is considered one of the most heated senate races in the country and President Obama just threw gasoline on the fire with his New Carbon Rule announced Monday.

This will put a huge strain on coal production and coal burning as a source for electrical power. President Obama again attempts to circumvent Congress and find a new way to skin his cat, as he put it , by using the Clean Air Act.

Both Grimes and McConnell consider this a "cat on a hot tin roof". The rule will have a huge effect on Kentucky, which ranks as one of the top three coal producing states.

McConnell is in the race of his life against Grimes, who denounces the rule too, calling it an "overreach" and saying she will fight Obama on the "attack" on coal if she wins the seat.

The topic figures to be a major point of contention in the race. Friends of Coal has already spent over 100,000 dollars in the Evansville area supporting McConnell.

This rule will hurt Kentucky if it survives, McConnell says; "The impact on individuals and families and entire regions of the country will be catastrophic, as a proud domestic industry is decimated - and many of its jobs shipped overseas.

In short, the downstream effects of Monday's announcement will be staggering for millions." But especially Kentucky.

That's accurate. I worry what the "downstream affect" of air pollution from coal will have on our grandchildren. It's unfortunate that both Kentucky Senatorial candidates are not concerned about that.

That's my stand, what's yours?