'Boys group' in Owensboro helping local kids

'Boys group' in Owensboro helping local kids

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Dozens of boys at one elementary school are starting their summer vacations a few steps closer to becoming men thanks to a special school counselor.

It's trash day in Owensboro at least at Meadow Lands Elementary.

Some 5th graders are cleaning up their school and learning some valuable lessons along the way.

The man in charge is school counselor Brad Dedman and the boys are all part of his growing club.

Dedman says "we just recognized that the majority of our discipline issues, our homework not being completed, classroom disruption all that stuff was boys."

About five years ago Mr. Dedman, a father of two, started something called 'Boys' Group' to encourage better behavior and positive choices.

Taylor and Garrett are just two of the more than 70 boys from kindergarten to 5th grade who've joined.

Taylor says, "we do a lot of cool stuff in it. Like a couple weeks ago we made a fire."

Garrett says, "not too long ago we made marshmallow guns and we went outside and shot them."

They also talk about being men in training.

There's service work and the boys take a pledge during a special ceremony, a commitment to "manning up."

The whole group recently celebrated another year of progress with pizza and heartfelt words of praise.

Medals were proudly awarded to young men making good decisions.

Dedman says, "I want all the kids to know that it's their destiny to become a good man someday that they all can do it it's just that they have to know what the path looks like and they have to stay on that path."

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