Happening Tonight

A big crowd is expected at tonight's "Evening on the River" in downtown Evansville.  Deanna is live along the riverfront at 5 and 6 on Sunrise with more on the big event.

14 First Alert

The lingering heat and humidity will be fuel for more afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Byron will tell us what's in store if you have any outdoor events planned tonight.

Need a Job?

A job fair will be held this weekend in Owensboro for the new Aldi store.  Details at 5.

Animal Abuse

We're following two cases of dog abuse in Henderson County this morning.  The latest on the investigations is coming up around 5:30.

Street Safe

Evansville Police say five suspects including several gang members are arrested in their "Safe Street Initiative."  We'll explain at 6.

All this and much more on Sunrise.  We hope you'll join us.