Park Entrance to be completed before ROMP

A new entrance is going in Daviess County's Yellow Creek Park in time for ROMP.

Alex Hahus has been helping organize ROMP music festival for three years. He says traffic outside Yellow Creek Park backs-up when thousands of people come to town. "Often it gets backed up over a mile even clear out to Highway 60. It can be really frustrating, slow moving, and even unsafe when it gets that high level of traffic," said Hahus, ROMP Assistant Site Coordinator.

Crews are pushing full speed ahead with ROMP a few weeks away to complete a new entrance. Workers started moving utilities a month ago, but wet weather slowed them down. Crews hope to begin paving a week before ROMP. County officials say the new entrance will improve safety.

The Daviess County Fiscal Court also plans to build a stage at Yellow Creek Park. The court will hold a forum next month to get input on the project.