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Celebrating college savings

Indiana's CollegeChoice 529 Savings Plan is celebrating College Savings Day (5/29).

To remind Hoosiers about the importance of saving for post-secondary education, CollegeChoice Direct 529 is giving away a $5,000 account.  

CollegeChoice CD is holding a free webinar with giveaways to help families with the basics of saving.

Withdrawals from Indiana's College Choice 529 plans for eligible expenses are free from federal income tax.

Indiana residents are eligible for a 20% state income tax credit, up to $1,000, for contributions into a CollegeChoice account.

To enter the $5,000 CollegeChoice Direct giveaway, click here.

For more information on the CollegeChoice 529 Plans and other 5/29 Day giveaways, click here.

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