Bulgaria set for bumper rose oil harvest

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) - - Luxury perfume makers around the world can expect a bumper yield of rose oil from Bulgaria this year.

Distillery owner Filip Lissicharov says yields have recovered following a bad few years when production was laid low by unfavorable weather conditions. Rose oil is a key ingredient in luxury perfumes.

Lissicharov says prices are likely to be lower this year because of the high yield. Last year, rose oil prices edged up to 7,000 euros ($9,520) per kilogram.

Lissicharov's company, Enio Bonchev Production, runs the oldest rose oil extraction facility in the Balkan country.

Bulgaria produces 1,500 kilogram (3,300 pounds) of rose oil a year and is one of the world's largest exporters along with Turkey and Morocco. The main buyers are France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Japan and China.

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