Protect your privacy while looking for jobs online

Protect privacy while searching for jobs online
Protect privacy while searching for jobs online

SAN DIEGO, CA (WFIE) - The days of finding a job with a handshake and a face-to-face interview are few and far between.

These days, most job applications start at a computer screen.

But how safe is it to send your resume online to someone you've never met?

"When I send out my resume to people, I want to know who it's going to. So that way I can be sure that it's somebody I can trust," said Bradley Day, student.

Kim Gough with Privacy Rights Clearinghouse says a resume should share your qualifications without exposing too much personal information, "It's not about where you live or what your phone number is, your social security number, it's really about what you can do and what you can provide them as an employee."

Gough says a resume should have your education, your qualifications and job history.  Things more personal can be added later.

You also need to be careful where you post your resume.  Some sites are more secure than others.

There are even fake job sites and emails created by scam artists.

Gough also says to look out for email from someone you don't know claiming they found you the perfect job.

Often they are phishing scams from people trying to get your personal information.

She suggests you create an email address just for your job search rather than give out your personal email.

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