Son of snake-handling pastor is bitten

Cody Coots
Cody Coots

MIDDLESBORO, KY (WFIE) - Cody Coots was cleaning snake cages Monday when he was bitten by a six-foot rattlesnake.

Coots is a Kentucky pastor who uses snakes in his worship services.

His father, Jamie Coots, recently died from a snake bite received during a church service.

Cody Coots says he thought about his father when he was bitten, "I was really scared at first, you can imagine. I was thinking, 'Oh God, Dad just died. I hope and pray I'm not doing to die here in a few minutes'. It was a pretty big deal to me. I was a little worried."

Coots says he stayed calm because his father told him that fear would make the snake bite worse.

He refused medical treatment and is relying on prayer to help him heal.

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