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Car maintenance course for women on Wednesday


A Network of Evansville Women, or ANEW, is hosting a car maintenance course for women at the Evansville Country Club Wednesday.

The class is called, "What Every Woman Should Know About Her Car", and is taught by Lefler General Operations Manager Ed Dietz.

Dietz says the class is important because many women are just as knowledgeable, if not more, than the average man about cars but lack confidence.

Dietz says he believes stereotypes about what women and men are good at make it hard for women to feel like the know what they're doing when talking about cars.

He teaches the car maintenance course and runs Lefler Ladies Night to remind women that just knowing the basics can help when walking into a mechanic shop.

Reporter Deanna Allbrittin took her car to Lefler on 14 News Sunrise. Watch the video below to get some quick tips from Dietz.

To find out more information for ANEW's class and when Lefler's has upcoming courses, click here.

Lefler will be hosting their next Ladies Night Out in September. 

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