4th grader faces charges after smoking pot in school bathroom

PITTSBURGH (WFIE) - Parents and students at Roosevelt Elementary (in Pittsburgh) are all talking about what happened in a school bathroom on Thursday.

A fourth-grade girl had to be rushed to the hospital after smoking marijuana.

"She walked in the bathroom when it was happening so she was like 'I ran out of the bathroom mom, it was smoky in there,'" said Thea Penn, whose daughter caught the girl in the act.

Penn's daughter and several other kids went to school staff and told them what was happening.

A spokesperson for the district said no other student inhaled or used the drug.

"It's hard because you can't necessarily say it's the parents it could be the kids, they could have older siblings.  It's not necessarily the parents they could have had an older sibling that's doing it," said Sarah Penn, parent.

The fourth grader told school staff that she got the marijuana cigarette and lighter from home.

Everyone's just shaking their heads after hearing this news, "Things are just going to continue getting worse. It's society. It's the life that we live now."

The case is being handed over to the office of Children, Youth and families.  There is a possibility that someone else could be facing charges possibly the parents or someone else who may have been in this child's home.

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