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Your Week in Viral Videos: Research beagles get a new home

Nine beagles were freed from a research facility and given a chance to play for the first time. (Source: BeagleFreedomProject/YouTube) Nine beagles were freed from a research facility and given a chance to play for the first time. (Source: BeagleFreedomProject/YouTube)

(RNN) – Red Bull really does give you wings.

Five dudes jumped out of a perfectly good airplane over New York City and plummeted toward the skyscrapers below. Shockingly, they did so legally. Not so shockingly, it was recorded by a sponsor.

Hooray capitalism.

It's a really awesome video that makes you forget about just how stupid it is to jump out of things that are perfectly safe for you to be in. Landing on a barge in the Hudson River was a pretty nice touch, though.

(WARNING: Red Bull does not actually give you wings.)

There's a storm a-brewin'

There's nothing more incredible than the weather, and there's nothing more mesmerizing than a time lapse video.

This video of a supercell forming in Wyoming was posted online early this week and has since been viewed 12 million times. There's so much to talk about here, like the extreme forces of nature, our complete powerlessness against the planet we inhabit and whether you can see a face in the clouds at about the 1 minute mark.

The end of the video with the clouds dissipating is actually better than the beginning when it starts to form.

Your move, James Earl Jones

Morgan Freeman has one of the best voices of our time – or any time. That's why the Science Channel brought him on to narrate its series Through the Wormhole.

Well, Morgan Freeman + science = Morgan Freeman talking after inhaling helium.

Flash mob FTW

A woman with terminal cancer was surprised by a dance routine from her friends for her birthday. You don't need to know any more than that. Just enjoy it.

Animal of the Week

Safe products are something we take for granted, but those products have to be tested somehow to make sure they're safe. That means animals are used to make sure the products for us and other animals are safe.

There is a group called Beagle Freedom Project that works to get the animals in testing facilities out of their cages and into homes. They recently procured nine beagles in Nevada and recorded their introduction into "the wild."

At first, the dogs act scared of their new surroundings and the people watching, but soon afterward, they started acting like ordinary dogs. The music is a little schmaltzy, but it's a good story.

Forget "Hero Cat." These dogs are the real heroes.

More stuff for when you're bored

Jimmy Fallon invited a celebrity from Saturday Night Live (GASP!) to do something cool and the Internet broke.

Padraig Harrington is good at golf, but even he is at the mercy of the whims of the evil golf gods, who deemed his incredible eagle shot not worthy and caused it to bounce out of the cup.

Bubba Watson is good at golf and he has earned the favor of the putt-putt golf gods, who deemed his backwards putt onto a different hole worthy and caused it to take the scenic route before dropping into the cup.

A lot of things in Detroit are falling apart, and the Silverdome in nearby Pontiac, MI, is one of those things.

A dude lip synched I'm Gonna Be for four years in 26 countries as a proposal video for his girlfriend and started the video after their first date. The premise of the whole thing is preposterous and, frankly, not believable, but it's a great video and the proposal at the end plays out exactly like every other proposal video you've ever seen does: the girl is inexplicably surprised, her friends think it's the greatest thing anyone has ever done, she says yes (it wouldn't be on YouTube if she said no) and the guy recording it was the worst videographer you could find because he ends the video at a bad time and – worse – recorded vertically.

For additional videos – including some "Hero Cat" nonsense – that didn't make the cut, check out Twitter at @BNT_RNN. If you see a video that you think is worthy of next week's compilation, feel free to share it either on Twitter or through email at the link at the top of the article.

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