COPY-11-year-old saves pennies in 'Gods Bank'

A little girl from Irmo has a piggy bank for God.

Grace Martin calls her piggy bank "God's Bank," and when it's full, she donates the money to help others.

"Once it's filled up I like to donate it to different charities," she said. "Right now I'm saving up for St. Jude's."

Generosity is a trait that comes naturally to the 11-year-old.

"I realize that there are so many people around me that they just have nothing and they could use it," she said.

"She has such a generous heart," said her mother. "She's really a special kid."

And her kindness goes beyond money. Instead of birthday gifts, Grace asked friends and family to donate bibles to be given to people in need.

"I've had 10 birthdays and year after year I've gotten present after present," she said. "There's so many other people that have nothing so I decided that I should get bibles for them."

Grace plans to hand out the bibles at the First Baptist Church's monthly distribution in downtown Columbia Saturday.

"It makes me feel awesome, especially since my goal is 15 bibles and I got 84. So that makes me really happy. It just makes me really happy knowing that I've helped some other people out. Being Christian and helping people towards God is the best gift ever," she said.

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