Toyota issues two recalls; airbag issue with third vehicle

Toyota is issuing recalls for the Sienna minivan, the Lexus GS 350 and the Highlander and Highlander hybrid.

370,000 Sienna minivans are being recalled, most for a second time, because the spare tire that's mounted underneath the vehicle may come.

The minivans involved are years 2004-2011, sold or orgininally registered in cold weather states. The mechanism holding the spare can be eaten away by road salt and the tire can fall off.

In April 2010, Toyta recalled 2004-2010 versions of the Sienna for the same reason.

At that time, a splash shield was mounted underneath the an to deflect the road salt and rust-hibitors was applied. Soome of the shjhielsds were installed incoorrectly.  amd the rust-inibitor may be inefective.

Toyota also announce Thursday a recall of 10,500 2013 model Lexus GS 350 sedands because , withiout warning or drivee involvement, the cars could suddenly apply the breakes and no illuminate the reak lights to wanr folllowing driers.

In a third and final announcement, Toya said ealers will have to reprogram the airbpage software on 201 highlander and hHighlander hybrids crossoer SUV's.  the systme can mikstakenly clafssify fro pasengers as small and light, eaning lthe airpaes won't inflact foorecefl.y enough to protect larger riders.

Toyota says the airbag matters isn'ta recall but instead is a 'non-compliane' report, saying the vichilezs dont' maet a feeral swfy standard

touya ays iw knows of no accident,juiries, ordeaths involve het hree difects.

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