Fmr. city council member says council VP threatened his life

Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley
Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The controversy surrounding the vice president of the Evansville City Council is growing.

14 News has learned that a former city council member says Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley threatened his life.

Curt John says he got very concerned when he saw a post in a local online blog.

According to John, the blog post - which has since been taken down- said, "Death is the only thing that will ever protect this community from that guy."

John called the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office, "My main concern was, I wanted to know who it was that, in my opinion, was threatening to kill me."

John says the case was passed from the sheriff's office to the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office tells 14 News they were never involved.

John says, "I got a call from two people asking if I would quit pursing it if this person called to apologize."

He agreed and later John got that apology call, "It ended up being Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley."

John says the blog post was written more seriously than what she really meant, "It wasn't as threatening as it appeared on the internet.  But, I'm still not convinced that she doesn't have some major problems."

Sources tell 14 News the threat even prompted extra security at Monday night's city council meeting.

John says there's not much Brinkerhoff-Riley can do change what has been done, "What she has done over the past few months as blogs and actions, she can try to cover over it as much as she wants to, but she's got some problems and some issues that she has to deal with. Having a news conference to explain that it's all in the public's interest is not plausible.

The news conference John refers to is scheduled to take place at 10:30 Monday morning.

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