City Council VP: "The recording I made was to preserve the truth"

Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley
Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - City Council Vice President Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley addresses the allegations that she secretly recorded a closed door meeting.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Brinkerhoff-Riley says, "The idea that I've done something wrong or am going anywhere is inaccurate. I've never seen such a rabid drive to hide the truth about the current state of the financial records of Evansville. The recording I made was to preserve the truth. The fact that it will be embarrassing is a testament to its value. Evansville still can't balance its checkbook after 2.5 years of Lloyd Winnecke in office. The way to solve a problem is to admit it exists. There's a reason our State Legislature made the potential penalty for the release of critical information to the public by an elected official an A infraction (speeding ticket). It was so that doing the right thing doesn't come at an unbearable cost. and I will fight any ticket issued. As to morality, I'll take my interpretation of morality over that of my critics any day."

Councilman Jonathan Weaver says whether Brinkerhoff-Riley thinks it was right or not, releasing the recording was unethical.

He now hopes Monday's City Council Meeting is canceled.  Council President John Friend will not be at that meeting, so as VP, Brinkerhoff-Riley will be in charge.

"I think the issue is having her control the meeting.  Having it be, what we would feel, would be open mic night.  Sitting there, wasting our time and having her explain however she wants to justify it in her mind," said Weaver.

Brinkerhoff-Riley also announced that she will be holding a press conference Monday morning.

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