Teaching self-defense in Gibson Co.

Teaching women self-defense in Gibson Co.
Self-defense class for women
Self-defense class for women

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - Princeton police officers posed as teachers Saturday to help educate women about how to protect themselves.

Officer Bobby Wood brought self-defense classes to Princeton

Wood says he started the classes upon request back in the fall, "Once I became a defensive tactics instructor for our department there were several different ladies who approached me about having a possible self-defense class"

Wood, with the help of a few other officers, offers a beginner class and an advanced class, "We give them different tools that they might be able to use whether it is through pressure points or different strikes or different techniques."

Barbara Kolb has taken a class before. She works at the Gibson County Superior Court and she is a single mother living in an apartment complex, "I really feel like now if I was attacked I would at least somehow be able to defend myself."

"Hopefully they never get in that situation but, if they do, maybe there is something that we go over with them that pops in their head and says hey look I could use that or you know hey I remember that and it might save their life one day," said Officer Wood.

Wood says he will be offering more classes.  If you're interested, you can visit the Princeton Police Department Self Defense Facebook page.

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