Gibson Co. high school students going to Japan

Gibson Co. high school students learn about Japan
Gibson Co. high school students learn about Japan

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - Eight Gibson County High School students are taking part in a cultural program run by the Gibson County Economic Development Corporation.

They leave for Japan on June 1 but before they go, they need to learn about the people, the language and the food.

Instructor Sarah Stephens, who has been to Japan, says she hopes this class will help them cope with the cultural differences.

"I think that there's really some good progress being made and they've really picked up quite a bit since day one. Most of them walk in with zero knowledge and they walk out with at least feeling comfortable with what they should and should not do in japan," said Stephens.

"I can't wait to learn about a different country and a different culture that I know nothing about and different beliefs and just to expand my horizons," said Logan Meyer, sophomore, Princeton Community High School.

The students will be living with host families and attending school while they are in Japan.

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