City Council attorney says council VP admitted recording confidential meeting

Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley
Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville City Council Attorney Scott Danks reveals new information on an investigation into a secret recording of the city's audit exit review.

Several city officials say Council Vice President Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley is at the center of the investigation.

It started when Council President John Friend says he learned another city council member recorded the March 12th confidential city audit exit review meeting.

Friend and other city officials suspect Vice President Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley is the person who recorded that meeting and then leaked it to a third party.

Brinkerhoff-Riley responded to 14News on Friday saying she has no comment at this time but, "will have a full statement on the matter very soon."

14News has also learned Brinkerhoff-Riley is reportedly putting part of the blame on Friend saying he asked her to record the audit exit review.

John Friend tells 14News those accusations are completely false and don't make sense.

Friend says the State Board of Accounts has cleared him in the investigation.

We also talked to City Council Attorney Scott Danks.

He says he had a conversation with Brinkerhoff-Riley this week where she at first denied her involvement, but eventually admitted to him that she not only recorded the meeting but leaked the recording to an online blog which is an unofficial, self-proclaimed government watchdog.

Now the State Board of Accounts says it will pursue prosecution for the secret recording and asked the State Police to investigate.

14News has been told several city council members are asking Brinkerhoff-Riley to step down from her position on council.

City council's next meeting is Monday, May 19.

President Friend will not be in attendance, which means as the city council VP, Brinkerhoff-Riley would be in charge.

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