New rules to change school lunch menus

New rules to change school lunch menus
New rules to change school lunch menus

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - New federal regulations are causing school corporations to change their lunch menus.

The change will also affect foods in vending machines that are on school grounds.

The EVSC has been working on this switch over the past few years.

However, they still do need to change some of their foods before next school year when the regulations go into effect.

The regulations call for more leafy green vegetables as well as less sodium.

They also require all of the grains given to students to be whole grains.

EVSC Food and Nutrition Director Linda Eidson says there is some cost to that change, but they've been adding it in slowly over the years and most of it will affect the high schools.

Eidson says the big changes are to foods sold outside of the cafeteria.

"There's certain regulations on the calories, the sodium. It's promoting healthier foods be sold for the a la carte type foods also.  Any time you switch to whole grains, you reduce the sodium end products the manufacturers usually have to pass that cost along," said Eidson.

Eidson says this change will affect any food-selling fundraiser the schools may have.

However, the state has allowed two exemption days for the schools to have fundraisers with foods that do not meet the requirements.

The regulations go into effect for next school year.

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