Old Illinois prison property to be redeveloped

GRAYVILLE, IL (WFIE) - The former state prison property on Route 1, just off Interstate 64 near Grayville, is being redeveloped.

The lot has been vacant since 2005 after a deal to build a state prison there fell through.

Now the Mayor of Grayville, Joe Bisch, is hoping to turn the empty land into a multi million dollar investment is moving along quickly.

Right now, there are four businesses already set up to build on the property including a large truck stop.

Mayor Bisch says there will be lots open for more businesses to move in.

The city received the old prison property from the state, back in 2010, basically for free. Bisch expects this to be an $8 million investment and bring 150 jobs.

"This is a small community of 1700 people and jobs are kind of scarce and anything we can gum up I'll say is a thumbs up," says Bisch

Construction on the truck stop should begin in June and open for business by Fall.

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