EMA officials warn storm damage could cause flash flooding

EMA officials warn storm damage could cause flash flooding


With the constant rain and storms in the forecast, The Evansville/Vanderburgh Emergency Management Agency is warning residents about the potential for flash flooding in their neighborhoods. 

After Friday's storms, officials say debris is piling up on sidewalks and in neighborhoods. It doesn't take much for the heavy rains to carry the debris and get stuck in the sewer caps.

Officials are asking that if you notice blockages in your neighborhood and it is safe to do so, go ahead and clear them out.  

Meteorologist Jeff Lyons says the Evansville area has already received about 2 inches of rain so far this month. He forecasts this latest line of storms could bring another inch.

When the ground is saturated, residents need to be alert for flash flooding and road closures. 

"Barricades are up for a reason and even if barricades are not up and you start driving through, if you can't see the road, you shouldn't be driving in it," Chad Woodburn with EMA says.

Woodburn says "turn around, don't drown" couldn't be more true during heavy rain events.

"Emergency crews are out working other incidents and we have to turn around...to go rescue somebody for an unfortunate circumstance because somebody drove through high water," Woodburn tells 14 News. 

EMA officials are also watching river levels, although they don't suspect the river will contribute to the flooding.

"I believe Friday it's supposed to be close to 32 feet, which flood stage is 42 and some change. So we're not too concerned about flooding right now, it's the flash flooding that's the important thing," Woodburn says. 

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