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Baking cakes with a purpose


A Louisville boy's big dreams are more like sweet dreams. He's taking his passion for baking and using it to help others in a way most people would never imagine.

Gabe Feinn also goes by Gabe the Cake Man.

The 13-year-old discovered his passion for decorating cakes when he was only eight-years-old.

His mother, Vicki, decided they should take it to the next level, "I decided to sign him up for cake decorating classes."

"I didn't really want to do it and I was in a class with only girls and I was the youngest boy," said Gabe.

But after about 2 or 3 weeks, he was hooked.  

So was Gabe's little sister, nine-year-old Livvy, "I'm moral support. And baking the cakes and... sometimes I get to eat the cake."

Gabe's passion turned into a family affair. They started making all kinds of cakes, but in October the cakes they were making for fun turned into something much bigger. 

"We got a little catalog in the mail from Samaritan's Purse of things you can buy for people in disadvantaged countries. At first they just wanted to get two chickens for $14 which they raised by selling cupcakes at our yard sale."

Gabe instantly knew he had to do more, "I basically just said they need a hospital. It's going to be in the Congo because 20 percent of children born there die before the age of 5."

Gabe has already raised $12,000 in the past six months by getting people to donate to Samaritan's Purse.

"I'm in awe of Gabe and his whole family. Gabe's dedication - he's doing cakes with a whole purpose," said Robin Richardson, the chef at the bakery at Sullivan University.

Gabe is learning from the professionals at the bakery because his next cake is a special one. It's his older sister's wedding cake. The biggest project he's ever done. It's going to be three tiers.

"He knows how to get from point a to point b, We're just going to give him a little bit of tips, tricks, it's an honor to be helping him. An honor because sometimes we as adults think that we teach the kids, but, actually they teach us so much more.  To care about people that you don't even know, I think it's a very special quality," said Richardson

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