Exclusive: Tom Davis talks about plea in impersonation case

Tom Davis enters plea
Tom Davis enters plea

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Henderson County Commissioner Tom Davis won't spend any time in jail after he entered a plea Tuesday on charges of impersonating a police officer.

Davis entered an Alford plea at a specially-called hearing.

"This was for one reason and one reason only. This has been a stressful ordeal on one of my family members and to the point, I cannot let this go on for another three or four months," Davis tells 14News.

An Alford plea is where a person doesn't admit guilt, but believes a jury would convict them.

Davis was originally charged in February with impersonating a police officer for confronting Robert Frederick and Neil Hall at a fast food restaurant in Henderson last September.

The two men say Davis made them believe he was a police officer and asked for their ID's.

Davis' trial was supposed to start in July but he says a family member is sick and Davis say this whole ordeal hasn't helped.

"I'm not going to be responsible for the health of my family member deteriorating any further than it is," said Davis. "I feel like they have got it done in such a way that they've got my attention, uh, but at the same time the prosecuting attorney and the judge can go back to doing what they need to be doing in their own districts."

Davis will serve no jail time but was sentenced to two years probation.

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