Local Red Cross volunteer to help tornado victims

Western Kentucky Red Cross Heroes Luncheon
Western Kentucky Red Cross Heroes Luncheon

MORGANFIELD, KY (WFIE) - The local Red Cross held its Western Kentucky Heroes luncheon Thursday to honor local heroes, and to recognize a long-time volunteer who will head south to help with tornado relief.

Donald Day will leave for Arkansas on Friday.  It's his 10th trip as a Red Cross volunteer.

He says whatever the need is when he gets to Arkansas, that' what he'll end up doing.

"I just enjoy helpin' the people and meeting the people.  It's a its a people business but you know to help where you can when somebody loses there house," says Day.

Day's not sure how long he'll be down in Arkansas, but says he'll be down there for as long as he's needed.

In the meantime, the American Red Cross National headquarters is implementing a nationwide "Call to Action", in response to the ongoing devastation to the spring storms and floods.

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