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Buttons on sale for Shrinersfest


Buttons are now on sale for Evansville's Shrinersfest.

Officials announced Thursday that hydroplanes will return this year for a two-boat exhibition.

They haven't been in Evansville for five years.

Hadi Shrine spokesman, Dale Thomas, tells us they're using the exhibition as a way to gauge interest for the hydros return in hopes of a full-blown hydroplane racing event next year.

"We're trying to measure if people are really interested in coming back and the best measurement we have is if people buy that $5 button to come down and see the hydroplanes actually race.  If we don't get button sales up, we're not gonna have summer-sustained festival.  We need to be able to make money off of this festival to re-invest every year and we can't make $10,000 and keep a festival moving," said Dale Thomas, Hadi Shrine Spokesman.

The buttons cost $5 and will get you in to all five days of the action in downtown Evansville.

Shrinersfest runs from June 11 through June 15.

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