USI says no to suggested feral cat program

Feral cat at USI
Feral cat at USI

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - The University of Southern Indiana has said no to a suggested feral cat program.

Audrey Maxwell, a student, asked the university several months ago to add a "Trap, Neuter and Return" policy for feral cats.

She did that after she and several other students noticed a high number of stray felines on and near the campus.

Maxwell says the administration recently told her they don't think the "TNR" program is a good option. Maxwell says she isn't going to stop trying.

"I don't think it would be the right thing to do to give up on it. I don't think the issue is ever going to go away, and the more it's introduced and the more it's talked about, it's going to be considered by the higher-ups," Maxwell said.

Maxwell says she started a petition and a Facebook page for her cause. Both of those now have hundreds of supporters and followers.

She says she's now going to try to form a student organization on campus so she can start fundraising.

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