Counterfeit money making a comeback in Evansville

Counterfeit money making a comeback in Evansville


Evansville Police are warning businesses and consumers as counterfeit money is starting to once again circulate in the city.

Officials say they're investigating more than a dozen cases of fake $100 bills that have turned up at local restaurants and convenience stores in the past week.

Evansville Police Sergeant Jason Cullum tells 14 News that businesses often rely on the "pen test" to determine if money is fake.

He says it's a good start, but the most recent round of bills are so sophisticated, they pass the test.

Police are urging people to take the time to take a closer look. 

"If the pictures are fuzzy or the numbers aren't real clear, that's a good indicator," Sgt. Cullum says.

"Once you see a couple of things that you think are a red flag for you, you can check for the more fine details.

Officials say if you don't trust that the money is real, don't accept it. 

For tips on how to spot counterfeit money, click here. 

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