Evansville house on Indiana Landmarks 10 most endangered list

(Source: Indiana Landmarks)
(Source: Indiana Landmarks)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Indiana Landmarks publishes a list each year of the state's 10 most endangered landmarks.

The 2014 list includes the Peters-Margedant house in Evansville.

Located at 1506 E. Indiana, the house was designed in 1935 by William Wesley Peters.

According to the Indiana Landmarks, it may be the first Usonian house in the country, pre-dating one built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1937.

Usonian-style houses were designed to be affordable and blend in with the local landscape.

Indiana Landmarks says the Peters-Margedant house is in danger unless money can be raised by October to buy, move and restore it.

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