Senate candidate stops in Owensboro

Republican Kentucky US Senate Candidate Matt Bevin visited Friday's Daviess County Lincoln Day Dinner.

Bevin has recently been under fire for several reports regarding his attendance at a rally supporting cockfighting.

Bevin tells 14 News that he has never supported cockfighting and the reports are being used as a distraction from the real issues.

"I have never in my life supported anything with what these people are reporting at all," Bevin said.  "I've been on record stating emphatically, the idea of fighting animals against each other is to me rather repulsive, it really is."

Bevin also tells 14 News his number one goal is to lower taxes on small business owners.

Bevin along with Brad Copas, Chris Payne and Shawna Sterling are running against incumbent Mitch McConnell for the Republican nomination for Senator.

The Kentucky primary is set for May 20th.