Bevin says he doesn't support cockfighting

Bevin says he doesn't support cockfighting

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - U.S. Senate candidate, Matt Bevin, was in Owensboro Friday night for the Daviess County Lincoln Day Dinner.

Bevin told 14News that the only people who've asked him anything about cockfighting have been reporters.  He says this is just a distraction.

Bevin says the real issues are fighting for voters to give them the representation they deserve.

Bevin says he has never supported cockfighting.

He tells 14News it has never been on his platform and it will never be.

Bevin says cockfighting is illegal in all states for a reason, "I have never in my life supported anything with what these people are reporting at all. I've been on record stating emphatically, the idea of fighting animals against each other is to me rather repulsive, it really is."

Bevin, along with Brad Copas, Chris Payne and Shawna Sterling, are running against incumbent Mitch McConnell for the Republican nomination for senator in Kentucky.

The Kentucky primary is May 20.

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