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Evansville police investigating fake $100's

Evansville Police are investigating bogus bills showing up at local businesses.

Police say they've had at least four different reports of counterfeit $100 bills.

Records show that counterfeit money was passed at the Moto Mart convenience store on Green River Road and at the drive-thru at two different McDonald's.

Police say the phony money is about as close to the real thing as they've seen in awhile.

They say they understand why some of the bills are getting by cashiers and managers.

Kris Miller, a driver with Tri-State Towing, says he received a counterfeit $100 on Thursday.

He says he counted the money from the customer, checked the bills, and nothing stood out until he took a closer look, "got back to the shop, I counted the money and I noticed something didn't look right about the bill.  Me and the dispatcher marked it with the bill marker and it came back as being good money.  But upon further review, we looked at it some more and noticed it wasn't real.  Slightly smaller than the regular $100 bill, the colors on it were a lot darker, it didn't have the watermark or the strip in it."

Officials tell 14news that it's nearly impossible to replicate the new $100 bill, but they say it is possible to counterfeit the older bills.

If you think you might have counterfeit money, go ahead and call police.

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