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EFD members in obstacle course competition

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Member of the Evansville Fire Department are competing in a Spartan run this weekend in Indianapolis.

Team Captain Eric Jamison tells 14News that seven firefighters and one SWAT team officer have been training to tackle the four mile obstacle course.

Jamison says it's a way for the guys to stay physically fit for the challenges they face on the job.

The course is designed to take participants out of their comfort zone with more than a dozen obstacles that include water, fire, mud, barbed wire and ropes.

"While we are going as a team to represent the Evansville Fire Department and the police department, once the buzzer sounds or the bell goes off, it's every man for himself. Everyone's going to try to do the best that they can and represent the department the best we can.  At the very end before you cross the finish line, while you're probably at your most tired point, they have three big huge gladiators that hit you with padded jousting poles.  They really go after you.  Not an easy finish, that might be the thing I'm worried about the most," said Jamison.

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