Ferdinand to get a royal visit

FERDINAND, IN (WFIE) - The Town of Ferdinand in Dubois County will receive a royal visit later this year.

Kathy Tretter with the Ferdinand Historical Society says Austria's Archduke Markus Salvator von Habsburg-Lothringen and his wife, Hildegarde, will visit in September.

The Archduke is the great-great-great nephew of Emperor Ferdinand the First of Austria, who the town of Ferdinand is named after.

The Archduke's great grandfather, Franz Joseph the First, was the man who declared war on Serbia, which led to the start of World War I.

Tretter says the Archduke will be in town just in time for Ferdinand's Folk Festival, "At the Ferdinand Folk Fest, they're going to do a couple of special marches.  The Forest Park Marching Ranger Ban, which has won the last two years, as the Class D State Champions, they're going to perform some special marches for him in his honor.  He will be introduced there.  And you'll be able to just walk up and talk to him."

Tretter says the Archduke will visit Ferdinand from September 20 through September 22.

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