Henderson condo controversy

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Three days after the Henderson City Commission sold property on Second and Water in Henderson, city commissioner Robert Pruitt says the city owes taxpayers money.

The city sold the land they purchased in 2008 for $400,000 to Butch Branson for $100,000.

Commissioner Pruitt says that's $300,000 taxpayers are losing.

"He's (Branson) getting a piece of property we paid $400,000 of hard taxpayer money to get and he gets it for $100,000 so he's blessed but on the other hand that leaves the taxpayers holding the bag once again," says Pruitt.

Pruitt wants that money to go back to the taxpayers.

He says, "that 300 thousand dollars has to be repaid to the people who paid the bill."

Henderson Mayor, Steve Austin, says they're doing what's best for the community.

"Sometimes everything is not dollars and sense sometimes it is developing the community for the long run," says Austin.

Pruitt says he hopes to sit down with the mayor and the city commission to come up with a remedy. If not, he says he'll march on city hall.

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