Taking a Stand: LST 325's future

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The LST's contract with the City of Evansville expires next year.

Last weekend we broke the news that if the city doesn't find a more visible spot along the riverfront for the ship, board members will move it to Peoria, Illinois.

The LST holds a special place in Evansville's history.

We were the nation's largest maker of landing ship tanks during the second World War.

Nearly 167 LST's were built at a shipyard along the Ohio river.

We need to make sure that part of Evansville's past is not forgotten.

Not only does the LST need to remain here as a tribute to our city's role in the war effort, but it can also play a vital role in the continued development of our city and its riverfront.

Recently, the Sustainable Evansville Area Coalition released its 2040 Millennial Plan.

In part, the plan recommends supporting attractions that boost local and regional tourism through historic preservation and building on the area's history and assets.

The LST 325 is one such asset.

That's why we encourage Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and city officials to explore all their options to keep the ship here, and not let it sail away.

That's my stand.

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