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A New Coal Mine could be coming to Union County


Union County officials tell 14 News Armstrong Energy is looking at the potential to move into Union County.

They say Armstrong has been looking at the area for the past few years.

The company has already leased a dock, where they plan to load barges, in the Caseyville area.

Before the company can use that dock, they have to gain permits from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Residents in the area are excited for the job potential for the county, but not too happy about the trucks that will be on the roads because of the mine.

"I'm not really worried, I just wish they would put a belt line in," resident Gary Ugly said.  "I can't see that happening.  So, the trucks will be on the road and lot of older people live down this way.  I guess we can deal with it, I really didn't hope it would happen like that."

County officials tell us they expect to here from the Army Corps of Engineers sometime in the next few weeks.

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