Taking a Stand: USI's new logos

Taking a stand: USI's new logos

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Guest Editorial by Dr. Linda Bennett, USI President

Last week was an exciting week on USI's campus as we rolled out two new logos for the university.

Now some people may say they're just attractive symbols but they're more than that.

They're meant to convey the identity, the brand of the university.

The university's logo is one that is a very contemporary rendering of the torch of knowledge.

And you'll see that torch of knowledge also in our university seal that harkens back to our establishment as a statewide public university.

The revised athletic logo makes the Screaming Eagle come alive.

And, of course, our athletic teams have been highly competitive in the Great Lakes Valley Conference as well as winning two national championships.

So we're very proud of this effort.

We think it communicates about the identity of the university and I invite you, if you have not been on USI's campus recently, please come for a visit.

Walk the beautiful trails that surround our campus.

What you'll find are many places to sit and enjoy the beautiful surrounding campus.

So thank you for all of the support the community and go USI!