Evansville Otters looking for host families

Evansville Otters looking for host families

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville Otters are looking for host families to give ball players a place to stay this summer.

The host family program matches players with volunteers to give the players a home to say in during the season.

Both host families and players say the bond that is formed through the program is something they cherish forever.

"We really get to know the guys really well. We still have contact with a boy who was here the first year.  He lives in Texas and usually comes here about once a year.  We're one of the first people he looks up," said John Brazelton, Host Dad since 1995.

"I came out a little early and was sharing Easter dinner with the family. It's a really rewarding experience for both of us and it really goes a long way to really help out the community,' said John Schultz, Otters Outfielder.

If you are interested, the Otters would like to hear from you.

Call Sally Gries at 568-4782 or email hostfamilies@evansvilleotters.com

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