Easter egg hunt in Mt. Vernon

MT. VERNON, IN (WFIE) - Some children in Mt. Vernon got a jump start on the Easter weekend by taking part in an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

Kids were divided into four groups.

And once the horn sounded, they were off to collect about 4,000 eggs.

Organizers say it is truly a community effort.

The eggs are filled by junior high schools students.

Some of the prizes are bought, others are donated, but the final product is all for the kids.

"I think I saw like a big basket with a lot of candy in it and some toys I think," said Zachary Garza, student at West Elementary School.

"If we could we would put a prize in every egg because we would love for every child... but there is at least candy in every egg and then today we have 224 prizes," said Beth McFadin Higgins, Egg Hunt Organizer.

There were hunts going on throughout the tri-state Saturday to get everyone into the Easter spirit.

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