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Thursday, April 17, 2014

80 in sight

Temperatures will climb steadily for the next 7 days, with 70's over the weekend to near 80 by the middle of next week.  Rain chances are slim late Thursday.  Next chance of rain will arrive Monday-Wednesday next week.  Byron has a look at the First Alert forecast.

Back to Frankfurt?

Governor Steve Beshear says he'll decide soon whether to call for a special session after Kentucky lawmakers failed to pass a bill to curb a growing Heroin problem.

You can keep it

After a Boonville man found out who stole his car, he didn't want it back. We'll tell you why he wanted to pay it forward.

Tropicana style show

There's a style show at Tropicana today that will help provide two scholarships for students to go to medical school.  Deanna Allbrittin is live with the details.

KWC Holy Land

Emily Busby will tell us about a special event today at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

So enjoy the weather and we'll see you on Sunrise.