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Residents near Brown Fire on edge, prepared to move

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Winds are expected to kick up on Wednesday following a tough day on the fire lines as the Brown Fire continues to grow.

Tonight people are on edge.

It was standing room only at Tuesday night's briefing as people living near the Brown Fire are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Residents living in this part of Cochise County are very familiar with fire season. This is the same area that was evacuated during the devastating Monument Fire a couple years ago.

Many are nervous tonight after getting pre-evacuation notices telling them to be prepared to evacuate .

"Has it been sleepless nights, yes," said Roxanne Neuman, one resident getting ready to evacuate. "[I] put on my boots [and] walk out to the road where I can see the mountain. I do that two to three times during the night."

There was standing room only at the very first public meeting held by fire service officials tonight. Officials had reassuring news for residents. Firefighters said a retardent line has now been built around the fire.

Our Tucson News Now crews saw planes dropping retardent on the Brown Fire all day Tuesday. Three hotshot crews are camping in the area tonight. They were dropped off on Ramsey Peak, about 8,000 feet high up in the Huachuca Mountains, right at the fire lines. Our cameras were rolling as the crews loaded up into helicopters. We also have video supplies being loaded up into helicopters for these crews: Things like sleeping bags and food for firefighters who are sleeping in the mountains tonight.

"They'll be in a safety zone. It's steep country. Flat areas are few and far between," Helibase Manager Brian Knapp said. "They'll find the safest area away from the fire to sleep for the night."

Firefighters will be working through the night to get things under control. The big concern tonight is winds.. If it gets too windy, their strategy could change.

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