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Landfill search for infamous video game


 A search in a New Mexico landfill for a rumored stash of what some call the worst video game ever made by Atari is set to get underway this month.

 Microsoft-owned Xbox has announced that a dig of the Alamogordo landfill, where Atari reportedly discarded millions of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" game cartridges in 1983, is scheduled for April 26.

 Xbox officials say the excavation will be open for public viewing.

 Xbox and two other entertainment companies are making a documentary about the project.

 City officials tell the Alamogordo Daily News the city has rights to any discovered games.

 "E.T." the video game, inspired by the hit 1982 movie, was a commercial dud said to have contributed to Atari's decline.

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